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PPL (A) - LAPL (A) - NFQ - CRI (A) - FI (A)

Training at Blue Sky

The dream of flying

When is the time to make the proper decision? Now! Because now you have found us. We do understand your wishes. We worship the unique.

Learning to fly is special, just as special as your personal reasons of wanting to become a pilot.

We love sharing our passion for flying and will enable you to find your personal ideal way of training.

Fixed appointments for class, a strickt training plan, mandatory attendance at certain classes. This way of education can not be realized by most people.

This is why we are there for you when you have the time.

A flexible, individually fitted training plan which is adapted to your abilities and targets is your individual gateway to aviation where the sky becomes no limit. A major factor is out cooperation with Civil Aviation Training Europe. The are the renown provider for contemporary theory classes going along with individual on site training. Whenever you can and want to attend. It goes without saying that our partner is certified by the German civil aviation authority (LBA - DE.ATO.017) They are a certified distance learning college with ongoing audits.

We are looking forward to accompany your private pilots training (LAPL (A) or PPL (A)). Our expertise, certified qualifications and standardized procedures grant desired success in an aviation training that is precisely tailored for your needs. We have you covered with all necessary administrative work in your unique ALL INCLUSIVE package. We offer a transparent cost structure, hidden cost or extra charge? Thats not us!

Blue Sky Clubbing - Your extra events for pilots by pilots. Topic related workshops to hearings. Group Fly outs to exclusive excursions, trainings and refreshing courses. Our team proudly offers regular events with valuable, important and adventure oriented programs.

You want to take your aviation education one step further? We got you covered as well offering training for night flying qualification (NFQ) and instructor licensing CRI (A) and FI (A).