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The training is over, license and permissions are there, what's next ...?

Our strength and our exclusive offer for you: service and support

Blue Sky Clubbing - pilots and extra events for pilots. From theme workshops to regular useful lectures, from joint excursions to exclusive excursions, training and refresher appointments, our team offers participants / members (which variant would you prefer) regular events with valuable, important and experience-oriented programs.

As a flight school and charter company, we are happy to assist you with our network and our experience.

We offer our active and former students and each of you as a charter customer a wide range of opportunities to develop your flight skills. This includes, for example, assistance from experienced pilots in flight planning or the assessment of weather conditions and forecasts (MET refresher).

If you want to broaden your flying horizons, we offer not only admissions but also training for night flight or instructional training.

We will also be pleased to conduct refresher training with you to extend your eligibility, or arrange contact with examiners as part of the proficiency check if continuing flight experience is not sufficient.

We also support you in communication with the national aviation authorities.

In addition to access to the briefing room with current weather self service, NOTAM, navigation planning, and other things, we offer a variety of support. You can find a selection of the most important points here, if you have further questions, please contact us.

Our special service: If you give us your consent, we also keep you in our newsletter about legal changes and current information about current airspace and up to date closures.

Charter our airplanes by the hour, by day, or even for several days to fly individually. On request, we will gladly assist you in the preparation, so that your trip with friends and family will be a highlight.

Our flight instructors have traveled all over Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific, and are happy to help out with advice and assistance.

Detailed information about our charter conditions can be found here

Our charter platform informs you about the expiration of your authorizations, ZÜP, MED and other things on time.