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  • night flight qualification

NFQ: night flight qualification


In order to fly at night, we offer you the acquisition of the night flight license.


Additionally before the start of the NFQ training: the same instrument flight lesson as for the PPL (A)

The theoretical content is taught in 6 lessons. These are divided into 2 units and the dates agreed upon with the participants.

For practical NFQ training at least 5 block hours are required. The training course is composed as follows:

  • At least 5 hours of flight in the appropriate aircraft category at night
  • Of which at least 3 hours training with an instructor
  • Of which at least 1 hour overland navigation with a flight instructor of at least 50 km
  • 5 solo starts and 5 solo landings to complete stoppage
After completing the training, the night flight qualification is entered in the license as an authorization. There is no need for a theoretical or practical exam.

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